I mark my life now by two periods, before Ever and after Ever. Ever (Everleigh) is my four-year-old daughter, and is the inspiration behind the name After Ever Communications. 

I wasn't sure I wanted to have children. I was incredibly focused on my career and I didn't see being a parent as part of my path. Things changed, as they do, and in 2014 I welcomed Everleigh into the world. From that moment, everything changed. 

My focus, intention, and journey was marked by this dynamic child. When I decided to create After Ever Communications I knew Ever would be a part of it. She has shaped my focus, the lens for which I see the world, and has helped me to connect with people and ideas in a way I had never before. I realize it was only after Ever that I gained the ability to see my path so clearly. 

After Ever Communications is focused on internal and employee communications and the impact creative, meaningful communication can have on engagement and culture.

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